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About Us

We love geeky things. We build the web.

Like you, we're fans. Whether we follow a fantasy world filled with monsters and political intrigue, game with some friends, or cheer on the best in e-sports, we're fans.

Element Nova was created out of a passion for the web and wanting to help fans.

Our goal is to build tools for the web to help people enjoy their fandom. Our sites The CR Market, WoW Recipe Smithy, FFRK Magicite Deck Builder, My Idle Team, and is Dream SMP Live do just that and more are being worked on.

The CR Market

There are endless creators who love Critical Role and make amazing things. It isn't easy to find these creators.

The CR Market's goal is to help you find those creators and their products. Be it Pins, Prints, Pillows, Masks, Buttons, or Art Commissions you'll find a Creator that's making what you need at The CR Market.

Visit The CR Market

WoW Recipe Smithy

Your World of Warcraft characters have lots of Recipes for their Professions. Finding out how to get that specific recipe is needed.

Inspired by Kru's previous Recipe Site, find out what Recipes your Main and Alts are missing and then find out where to obtain them.

WoW Recipe Smithy

FFRK Magicite Deck Builder

Magicite Decks in Final Fantasy Record Keeper can be awkward to understand. As well, being able to share what you have for tips from the community isn't the easiest.

This helps! View, share, and improve your Magicite Deck building skills with the Magicite Deck Builder!

Note: FFRK Global has been discontinued. The site will be left up for archival purposes.

FFRK Magicite Deck Builder

My Idle Team

Have a team for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms that you want to show off? Need help in a certain area?

My Idle Team helps players to easily share their champion formations.

My Idle Team

Is Dream SMP Live

The Dream SMP has gained a huge following. There's lots of streamers all connected to the DSMP and often SOMEONE related to it is streaming, but who?

With Is Dream SMP Live now users can easily find out who is currently live, and find links to the other DSMP players.

Note: Dream SMP has ended in 2023. We're looking at options for What's next for this project.

Is Dream SMP Live

Support Us

We love doing this. We want to do more.

Without your help these projects aren't possible.

Currently the best way to support us is on Kofi and to bring your community to this site.

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Don't hesitate to contact us. If you need to get in touch for any reason then send us a message.